Sale Summary

152 Buyers registered at the Frontier Sale. 69 Bulls averaged R75623.19 with a top priced bull of R420000 (Lot 12 sold by Justin Stirk. 375 females were also sold on the sale. Averages were as follows:

Description No Average Price Top Price Buyer
Bonsmara Bulls 69 R75,326.19 R420,000.00 L Riekert
Registered Pregnant Cows 12 R37,333.33 R45,000.00 E Muller
Registered Cows & Calves 9 R35,555.55 R47,000.00 JS Marais
Commercial 3-in-1’s 1 R26,636.00 R28,000.00 S van der Merwe
Cows & Calves 32 R25,734.00 R27,500.00 G Coetzee
Preg Heifers (Spring) 100 R23,775.00 R31,000.00 Khanya Ngonuyama
Preg Cows 44 R26,613.00 R28,000.00 H Schonfeldt
Old Preg Cows 31 R20,241.00 R22,000.00 P Billson
Preg Heifers (Autum) 28 R19,714.00 R20,500.00 J Jooste
Mateable Heifers 39 R17,974.00 R20,000.00 S Johnson
Heifers Running with Bull 42 R14,892.00 R16,000.00 P Billson
Weaner/Yearling 22 R11,113.00 R13,500.00 S Lubbe
Frontier 2021

(From L-R) Gerrit Meyer, Brandon Leer, Justin Stirk, Leon Riekert (Buyer Lot 12 R420000), Craig Handley, Andrew van Kerken, Gary McNamara, Paul Hobson

To view the Bull Catalogue please click on Frontier Bull Catalogue.pdf

To view the Stud Female Catalogue please click on Stud Female Catalogue.pdf

To view the Commercial Female Catalogue please click on Commercial Female Catalogue.pdf

Bulls on offer 2021:

Commercial Females on offer: